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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Buffalo Sabres 83-96 Road Jersey

Today's post is an old Buffalo Sabres blue jersey. This jersey is a replica of the jerseys worn on the road by the Sabres from 1983-1996. The Sabres are my second favorite NHL team to the Minnesota Wild, and I love their classic uniforms. This particular jersey is replica, XL.

Team: Buffalo Sabres (NHL)
Designation: Road
Years Worn: 1983-1996
Type: Replica
Size: XL
Acquired From: eBay

Monday, December 20, 2010

Phoenix Coyotes 98-03 Alternate Jersey

Today's post is one of my rarest jerseys, and one of the weirdest hockey jerseys ever. It is a replica 1998-2003 Phoenix Coyotes alternate jersey. This jersey is XXL (a bit too big on me), purchased this past summer at a tiny sports shop in Toronto, Ontario. I was browsing the store when I came across this gem. I knew how rare it was and I quickly put together a deal with the shopkeeper.

Perhaps by simply looking at this jersey, you will understand why it is so strange. Never before had there or has there been a jersey like this. A coyote head as the crest, an odd "desert at night" scene. A plethora of interesting colors. It is truly a unique jersey.

Team: Phoenix Coyotes (NHL)
Designation: Alternate
Years Worn: 1998-2003
Type: Replica
Size: XXL
Acquired From: Sports Zone, Toronto, Ontario