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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Omaha Royals Alex Gordon Jersey

Today's post is an Omaha Royals jersey. This particular jersey is a replica from a promotional giveaway by Bellvue University at Rosenblatt a few years ago. It was Alex Gordon night at the Blatt, even though he hadn't played a single game for AAA Omaha. Gordon went from AA minor league baseball right to Kansas City in the MLB. Gordon, now number 4, is currently having a great offensive season with the Omaha Royals, hoping for another chance at success in the big leagues. I had a chance to meet Alex when he played for the Nebraska baseball team. I got a few high-fives from then Huskers Joba Chamberlain, Brian Duensing, and AG, all of whom have been in the big leagues, at the 2005 Super Regionals at Haymarket Park in Lincoln.

Team: Omaha Royals (PCL)
Designation: Home
Years Worn: 2009-2010*
Type: Replica
Size: L
Acquired From: Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha, Nebraska